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Photo by Kelly Lind
Photo by Kelly Lind

Interview w/ Chelsea Richards of Feast II

Feast on this!

Danny Northside - Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chelsea Richards, one of the stars of Feast II, is one hell of an interesting lady. I have known her for a little over two years and to say we have had a colorful friendship is an understatement. The first day we met I threatened her because I blamed her for something she didn’t do and from that point on we have had sort of a disturbed laugh over the whole incident. But on a more serious note,

Chelsea made her big acting debut this year in Feast II – Sloppy Seconds. The highly anticipated sequel hit the shelves a few weeks ago and is quickly becoming an underground cult classic. Chelsea plays “Tat Girl” and is a member of the girl biker gang The Bleeders led by Diane Goldner returning in this film as Harley Mom’s twin sister.

The film kicks ass and I totally recommend you go out and grab it right away. If you’re a fan of campy gore filled flicks with a sense of humor like Dead Alive or The Evil Dead series, you will not be disappointed. We hope to see much more of her in horror films to come - we need more badass chicks! Chelsea and I had a chance to chat about the movie and here is what she had to say………

ICSYB - The movie rules, what has the reaction been like since the films release last week?

Sweet babes!CR - LOTS of myspace messages from boys...hahahah. It's really awesome. I've read the reviews and I can't tell if I like the good ones or the bad ones better. It seems like the ones that are really bad are just kind of missing the point. Yep, it's a cheezy horror sequel. Why did you buy it if you didn't want flimsy plot lines, gratuitous violence and questionable CG? I mean, really?!

ICSYB - How did you come to meet John Gulagar?

CR - I am basically a fan girl with awesome luck. I went to the Feast showing at Screamfest when the original came out. John and some of the cast were there and did a short Q&A after the film. At the time, I was working for GodsGirls and approached him to do an interview for the site (which I wrote but never sent to him). He had my contact info and a few months later sent me an email asking if I'd get naked for free in the name of art. The answer is obviously yes. Gulager is a genius and I was stoked to work with him and Diane. We filmed a short film called Show Me which is on myspace video I think. When the short film was finished, we met to watch it together, and he and Marcus Dunstan sprung on me that they'd like me to be in Feast 2....I just about died.

ICSYB - Did you see the making of the original Feast when it was a part of that Project Greenlight show?

clu!CR - I actually didn't. It's not available on DVD, so I can't see it! If anyone has it recorded, PLEASE let me know! I haven't seen Mike Leahy and John Gulager bicker enough for one lifetime...hahahah Sloppy Seconds is really brutal – some of the scenes almost made me gag and I am a huge gore fan.

ICSYB - You get covered in monster piss and there is a shit load of throwing up throughout the movie. During filming did anyone get sick?

CR - Oh, dear. That wasn't pee, love. Did you notice it was all crusty on my face for the rest of the film? It has been dubbed the "monster bukkake scene" by the cast and crew. For me, there was lots of gagging, because the fake vomit tasted SO sweet (its flavored with coffee) and by day 4 of filming in the tent where the bukkake scene goes down, lots of the gunk had dried, so it was getting kind of rancid. One of those days, Marty Klebba had to leave set for a minute. Hannah (Secrets) went a little far and was a little too convincing with her vomiting, and it was too much for Marty to handle. I remember standing next to him while he was watching the scene on the monitor and he literally just turned away and covered his mouth. It was hilarious.

ICSYB - GROSS! I’ve come to the conclusion that Clu Gulager just will never die – he seems indestructible?

CR - I sure hope so. The world really needs him. The whole family is kind of indestructible...They have 2 dogs, each over 20 years old!

ICSYB - He is the ultimate toughguy. Who was your favorite person to be on screen with in the film?

Green screen  - not Greenlight!CR - That's hard to say. 2 of my closest friends are in "The Bleeders" with me, so I would have to start with saying that being in a biker gang with them was pretty rad. Diane is a doll, Clu is always offering up some kind of insane tidbit about show business. It's hard to say. Everyone is so amazing. I cried on the day I wrapped saying goodbye to John, Diane and Mike Leahy.

ICSYB - I don’t want to blow any spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, but the scene with Tom Gulager’s son was the most shocking thing I have seen in a horror movie in ages. It truly defined the word “horror” and was shocking to see. You have had to receive some nutty responses from family and friends – what were some?

CR - Well my grandparents had my favorite reaction. They said. "It was actually pretty good! We thought it was going to be corny! No one was corny at all!!!" I was like, "are you sure you watched Feast 2?" I personally haven't gotten any insane messages about the baby scene, but I'm pretty sure Dunstan has, and it would surprise the hell out of me if Tom hasn't gotten some heat. I think it's amazing, personally. Baby Clu kept laughing, so it couldn't have been too bad!

ICSYB - One day that kids gonna grow up and say - "Thanks dad!" haha With all the un original remakes, stolen Japanese copy cats, and rip off torture flicks; Feast II seems to be one of the few original films coming out this year. When you took the role as the tattooed chick did you read the script or did you just jump on the chance to be a part of the film?

No tears!CR - Are you kidding? I brought the script everywhere. I loved it. I had read it about 8 times before I had gotten there, although quite a bit ended up being changed and cheated because we couldn't get help from the writers during the shoot due to the writers strike. It was really hard, because we had to nix a lot of really great stuff! Marcus and Patrick really are great though, and I know that they will not leave us disappointed with the scripts they deliver in the future!

ICSYB - What was the hardest part of being a part of Feast II?

CR - Being vegan in Shreveport, Louisiana. There were days that I was so drained and sick from not being able to eat balanced meals. Most people don't even know what veganism is down there, so explaining that there can't be butter in the veggies is really hard! Also, being in the bible belt with a tattoo that reads "There is no god" on your head is pretty challenging.

ICSYB - I have switched half my food intake to eating vegatarian now - you would be proud! I'll never give up meat but I really like tofu lately. next time were in town I'll take you to a good vegan place...Now, do you make it to Feast 3: The Happy Finish alive?

Tatto MagCR - Well, I didn't die in part 2, so...yes.

ICSYB - I hear Feast 3 is all underground – care to discuss anything about it?

CR - Wow, well...without giving anything away, I can tell you that even fake sewers stink. Also, at the risk of sounding risque, crawling through sewers means lots of time on your knees!

ICSYB - You work for Gods Girls - the online punk rock hot naked chick site. (I say hot cause the girls are super hot!) For those who are not familiar about the site, school some fools about it! Are there still people out there who don't know where to find the hottest naked girls on the internet?

CR - Wow. OK, well, GodsGirls (www.godsgirls.com) is a really small operation that is doing really big things. With only a couple of employees, being run entirely by young women, GodsGirls has managed to climb to the top of the alt-porn universe. I don't know if you've realized, but there is some really awesome hardcore sets on the site now, featuring some of my absolute favorite girls. Also, 3 out of 5 of the Bleeders are GodsGirls, so if you want to see Katie Supple naked, you should get over there.

ICSYB - That's rad! I think we went to the Renegade Rollerderby bout right around the time you shaved your hair and dyed it for the film. Did you do any shoots for Gods Girls with that wild hairdo?

CR - Yessir, I did. A few DIYs mostly. There are some really awesome sets of me on www.BurningAngel.com with a red and shaved melon. I think I actually might have to cut it back off for reshoots of Feast 3?

ICSYB - Any more plans for acting coming up?

CR - If something awesome comes up, then absolutely! I loved working on Feast 2 & 3 and would jump at another opportunity.

ICSYB - I know your a big horror fan, whats some of your favorite flicks and why?

CR - Feast 2 and 3, because I am in them. (Plus they're good movies!)

ICSYB - You're funny! Folks - check out the trailer below and get the movie!



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