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The book you won't find in Oprah's Club and Reading Rainbow episodes!
The book you won't find in Oprah's Club and Reading Rainbow episodes!

Black Devil Doll

He's a lover, he's a killer, he's a muthafucking novel!

Danny Northside - Thursday, September 10, 2009

Released: 2009
Author: Stephen Romano
Publisher: Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment
Website: Black Devil Doll Official Site and Store
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Yes, they made a book. And it rules. Does that answer your initial question? Well there is more to it.....This is the extended story behind Black Power radical Mubia Abul-Jama and what brought him back to life as the Black Devil Doll.

Party time excellent!Written by Stephen Romano I knew this book was going to be entertaining. Romano already had me won over with his book SHOCK FESTIVAL that truly holds the title of "101 of the strangest, sleaziest, most outrageous movies you've never seen!" I pride myself on knowing a shit load of movies and I was really only familiar with a half a dozen movies in that book. Unfortunately I lost the book in a house fire and did not get to finish it, but when I have some extra cash I plan on definitely replacing it.

Not going to make Oprah's Book of the month list!But back to the Black Devil Doll - Romano really goes into the story with much more depth telling us the back stories on all the characters. The book goes into detail on Mubia's history, how he got the chair (a few times) and his deal with the fellas in hell that brought him back to life. It tells the story of White-T's drug enterprises and explains how this "jive ass white boy" got into the game. 

There is a forward written by Professor Julian Krantz, Phd who tells much of Mubia's story. After being raped for three days Krantz saw the light and understood what it was like to be a black man which led him to follow Mubia in burning down a university.

"Listen to that honky bacon scream," were the words Mubia stated right before their shoot out with the local law enforcement!

Other notable stuff includes a few pages listing names of weed that I will memorize and add to my vocabulary such as albino poo, Smurf dope, hot cakes, and Alabama monkey dick to name a few.

Is the book really necessary, I would say probably not. In all honesty, is any movie adaptation necessary when a movie out comes before a book? Before you jump to conclusions and question the integrity of this novel remember something I am telling you that is very important: who gives a fuck it's hilarious!


The t shirts, the books, get after this stuff!


I actually wish I was still in school because I would do have read this for a book report!

If you're a fan of the movie this book is a must add to your collection. I enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed watching the movie two hundred billion times!

Now go buy it you cracker ass bitches!



Based on the movie that offends even the dead!
Based on the movie that offends even the dead!

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