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Everyone needs laughter in their diet!
Everyone needs laughter in their diet!

Artie Lange - Too Fat Too Fish

NJ's wildest madman!

Danny Northside - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Released: 2009
Author: Artie Lange and Anthony Bozza
Publisher: Spiegel & Grau Trade Paperback Edition
Website: Random House
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Oh Artie Lange, why are you so destructive..... I'm a fan of biography's and when I was flying back and fourth from NJ to see my now fiancée, I needed to get a few new books. I had really wanted to read Artie Lange's book being a big fan of his stuff so I picked up a copy the day before one of my flights. Since I have no patience and am like a kid peeking at his Christmas presents I scanned through the book and read a bit. I was instantly glued and forced myself to put it down.

The king!And that's exactly what I did, I put it down. I went to the wrong terminal at the airport (ran by United but through operated by another airline) and I left the book sitting at the terminal while I was in a panic trying to catch a bus to get across Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. By the time I realized I forgot it, I was late and could not go back. So when I landed in NJ, the next day I went to a book store and bought it again. And this time, I started reading on the trip.

Artie Lange is hilarious. He is your regular guy from Union NJ who is still a regular guy from Union NJ! The book tells some hilarious stories about his childhood and growing up. From his parents sending him into Frankie Valle's motel room down the Jersey Shore as a little baby so they could meet him, to shitting his pants driving a taxi, to joking around at a bank trying to impress a girl he had the hots for and the SWAT Team assembling a manhunt, to all the crazy drug escapades throughout his career. The book his great and reading it is like listening to a guy shooting the shit after a few beers. I was never a big fan of MAD TV but after reading some of his stories about the sketches I am going to get Season One. (Especially after the pig on the beach and cocaine story!)

There is even a mention of Richie from North Side Kings uncle who produced a Comedy Central Roast who offered to get Artie a private plane with a doctor on board to fly him out after Artie cancelled his appearance, hahaha.

If your a fan of Artie's shtick on The Howard Stern Show, MAD TV, movies like Beer League and Dirty Work, or even just a fan of laughing: read this book. I ended up finishing the book by the time I landed in Arizona.

Oh and Howard Stern's introduction is really funny too......

I wish the book didn't end and I hope Artie's recovery from his recent self destructive insanity goes smooth because I am looking forward to more from Union's Most Wanted.

 Here is a tribute I found to Artie online. Get better, we are all in your court.




The story about too fat to fish is a awesome one!
The story about too fat to fish is a awesome one!

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