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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf!
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf!

Sheep and Wolves

Pushing the bizarro fiction!

Mary Bloodsoaker - Sunday, April 4, 2010

Released: 2008
Author: Jeremy C. Shipp
Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Website: Raw Dog Screaming Press
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Jeremy Shipp’s collection “Sheep and Wolves” roves on, like an unstable person trying to hold a lengthy conversation and not caring about solid facts or details like names or places, not caring about rhyme or reason—not anything, really. Or maybe it was multiple conversations and failing at them all…the conversations in their own head, that is.

Sheep and Wolves got on my nerves, forced me to love it and then divorce it emotionally. You see, normally I would give my personal insights on individual tales but Bark at the moon!this isn’t that kind of reading. This is a whodunnit and why kind of bizarro, and it spans the entire length of the collection. The cruelty and entertainment at your own expense is what happens when you decide, while reading Shipp’s fiction, is if you love or hate it, decide where it all happens, what actually happened, and why.

This is a good exercise for you, should you choose to pick up his collection. After reading each story, ask yourself, “Sheep, or wolf?” Then when done with the entire book, ask yourself about yourself, “sheep, or wolf”? What’s funny is that’s a pointless exercise and has nothing to do with the stories, at least not in a direct way. But what the Hell, do it anyway. Enjoy.

Jeremy presents struggles with love, nihilism, existentialism, apathy…and you, reader dear, are forced to be stuck inside one person’s head while viewing all these little windows into ill-defined, uncomfortable, offensive, and limitless worlds.

I have my favorites (Watching, Baby Edward, A Long Metal Sigh to name a few) and also note that there is a reason everyone is saying that it isn’t your coffee-break kind of reading. You have to invest time and literally, yourself, in the stories—as it should be with bizarro fiction. With that said, thanks!



Read once in a while, it's good for you!
Read once in a while, it's good for you!

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