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Why don't you... reach out... and cut someone?
Why don't you... reach out... and cut someone?

Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams

Welcome to prime time bitch!

Dustin Lavalley - Friday, April 23, 2010

Released: 2009
Author: Robert Englund and Alan Goldsher
Publisher: Pocket Books
Website: Simon and Schuster
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I’ve always been a fan of Frederick Charles Krueger, I’ve watched all the movies in the series, but I never knew that the character actor who portrayed him was such a well rounded artist and fascinating man. Hollywood Monster begins with a blatant honesty that is rarely found, especially in the celebrity world. Robert Englund invites us to his childhood where he speaks of hanging out with his ‘semi sister,’ a life long love for surfing, his teenage tantrum and runaway from home and his arrival to stage and stage snobbery. To set things off, he writes of finding at a young age that women take to actors, hence his entry into stage acting; for the women… As I said, honest.

Evil never dies!Each chapter progresses with great moments of his life, starting off with personal nightmares that haunt him to this day. We are given a view of his life growing up behind the studio lots, a thorough look at his family and their roles in little Robbie’s life. Surrounded by Hollywood, in fact living behind one of the film studio lots, his parents ‘Weren’t stage parents by any means.’ His father being employed by Lockheed Aircraft and a good ol’ fashioned stay at home mother, who enjoyed jazz and would twice a month on the weekends bring our young author to see preview screenings of films in Encino, California.

Through the years, as the pages turn (and they turn quick in this highly amusing book), we’re given background to his acting. From performing as a pigeon during a fashion show his junior year of High School to teaching stage during college in Michigan and, after moving back to California and rooming with some friends in the movie business, finding his first roles off the stage and in front of the camera.

We’re carried on by entertaining behind the scenes stories; his friendly feud with Gary Busy over roles, intimate views of his love life, the ups and downs in his marriage to his first wife Betsy and the aspects of losing and gaining roles. From the smallest mentions of gags gone wrong (fire, ironically, never seems to go right on his sets) to the larger moments such as Tope Hooper’s Eaten Alive and becoming the notorious child killer Freddy Krueger in the Elm Street series are all captured on paper and laid out beautifully for his readers. Hollywood Monster is a carefully crafted treat for all the fans of this gracious and brilliant actor.

Here is a video where Englund talks about Freddy's voice!





Told you comic books was bad for ya!
Told you comic books was bad for ya!

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