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Getting snowed in is not always fun!
Getting snowed in is not always fun!


Don't under estimate the power of snow!

Dustin LaValley - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Released: 2010
Author: Ronald Malfi
Publisher: Leisure Books
Website: Ronald Malfi's Site
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Ronald Malfi is a true author, unrestricted by genre titles as he has proven with top notch novels such as Shamrock Alley and The Nature of Monsters.Malfi is a master of characterization and atmosphere, both of which are rooted deeply in Snow.

Air travel at O’Hare is paralyzed by a blizzard, canceling all flights, including Todd Curry’s flight to Des Moines to visit his son; a desperate, failing relationship due to divorce and, personal psychological descent. Content on making it to his ex wife’s home to see said son for Christmas, Todd, along with three other travelers rent an SUV in a last ditch effort to make their destinations.

Cold as ice.......Kate Jansen, a young and attractive woman with a curious persona; Fred Wilkinson an elderly yet robust veterinarian and his wife, Nan, a school teacher and part-time aerobics instructor join our protagonist on the back roads, fighting the falling snow and freezing temperatures.

Abruptly, a man enters the road and is nearly hit. His name is Eddie and his car broke down up the road. When he wasn’t looking, his daughter disappeared and for some time, in the bitter grey of winter, this father has been searching. As Todd investigates, he comes to find the situation to be evermore strange. Eddie is awkward and stoic, and most perplexing are the unmentioned slashes in his clothing near his shoulder blades.

Searching for the daughter, Eddie escapes the watchful eyes of Fred and Todd, running off into the darkness with large strides as the group come upon a small, isolated town.

An isolated town… which appears abandoned until a surreal and violent hint of humanity sparks a page-turning dark adventure in this defiantly original dark thriller.

The characters are forced to the limits of not only their own will, but of humanity’s moral spirit to fight against a supernatural power; one that can outwardly manipulate the snow and control the human body by vicious, deadly entry.

Ronald Malfi has given his readers a gift in the form of a thrilling, suspenseful horror novel. With grace and style Snow is a captivating, must-read for any fan of horror fiction.



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Malfi's pic

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