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Bat Boy will one day save the world!
Bat Boy will one day save the world!

Boy Lives! The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and Mutant Freaks That Shape our World

Changing the world one page at a time!

Danny Northside - Sunday, June 13, 2010

Released: 2005
Author: David Perel and many from past articles
Publisher: Sterling
Website: Weekly World News Official Site
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The Weekly World News, oh how I loved it. And for that matter believed it when I was a kid. Anyone over thirty years old can tell you about some of the covers and headlines they would see week after week at their local grocery store.

Oh shit!I always looked forward to stories about Nostradamus and these crazy far fetched predictions, the usual updates about the daily affairs of Bat Boy, dead celebrity rumors on how they are living on other islands leading new lives or talking to psychics, and strange half human half animals found in all parts of the world. Not to mention all the help the Earth has received from technology and advise of aliens and other beings from different worlds.

Sadly, due to weaker sales and news about Britney Spears doing shit the world was more focused on, after a twenty eight year run in 2007 the publication closed its doors. I was destroyed (for a few minutes) when all I could find at the store were stories about how Liz Taylor got married again and which celebrity diets worked.

No longer were we graced with headlines such as, "Dead organ donor wakes up after surgeons remove his eyes, a kidney, and his left lung." Another favorite was, "Secretary lifts car off boss - and then he fires her!"

Fucking vampires!And I don't remember the title but I dug the story about a doctor who re attached two Siamese twin sisters because they didn't pay him the money they owed him for separating them in surgery! What a dickhead, I loved it!

Weekly World News lives on here with a website and even a Facebook Page, but having the magazine around for guests to see in your home was part of the fun.

Well I am glad to tell you about their best of collection I just found in a book form! I found the book on a recent trip to Arizona's best used book store in Mesa called Bookman's. Appropriately titled Bat Boy Lives! The Weekly World News Guide to Politics, Culture, Celebrities, Alien Abductions, and Mutant Freaks That Shape our World, this collection is amazing!

Rather than searching on Ebay like collectors do trying to find issues of some of their favorite headlines, you can get a huge book of them all in one shot!

Hillary - so caring!My top ten stories in the book include:

Four People Vanish Without A Trace In Portable Toilet!

100's Of Fish With Human Legs Wash Up On French Riviera!

I Was Bigfoot's Love Slave

Mr. Rogers' Ghost Terrorizing Children

Bleeding Statue Of Mother Teresa Has PMS!

Pope Wants Mel Gibson As Successor

Fidel Castro Is Madly In Love With Roseanne

Bat Boy Led U.S. Troops To Saddam

Ventriloquist Is In A Coma But His Dummy Still Talks!

Crop Circles Appear In Men's Chest Hair

I totally recommend this book for every Weekly World News fan as well as any fan of funny satire stories of oddities and shocking subjects. Especially if your a fan of The Onion.

And since the book was released in 2005, you can find it online pretty cheap!



Get the book trust me!
Get the book trust me!

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