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Come on, even dead you know she's fine!
Come on, even dead you know she's fine!


Sort of like Weird Science minus Chet!

Danny Northside - Sunday, June 27, 2010

Released: 1990
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Starring: James Lorinz, Patty Mullen, Joseph Gonzalez, and Charlotte Helmkamp
Website: Unearthed Films
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Writer and director Frank Henenlotter scored big in 1990 with his modern tale of Frankenstein; except this story involves hookers, drugs, and a ton of titties. Known Brett Weir I said!for his humor driven horror flicks, Henenlotter was also responsible for the 80’s classics Basket Case and Brain Damage. This story is about a young medical school dropout named Jeffrey Franken (Lorinz) who is partially responsible for the tragic death of his fiancée Elizabeth (Mullen) due to a horrible lawnmower accident. He manages to save her head and becomes obsessed with the thought of bringing her back. Since the rest of her body was as a news reporter put it, “a salad that was once named Elizabeth,” Jeffrey hits the streets to find her some new body parts. Let’s just say things start to really pick up when I love pretzels too young lady!Jeffrey and a room full of hookers smoking crack turns into an explosive situation. But Jeffrey does get an ample amount of limbs and other random but necessary parts, and through his studies he successfully brings his dear Elizabeth back. Only problem is that Elizabeth’s body and brain are registering the hookers final moments alive and she hits the streets looking for some action! As you can imagine, the rest of the movie is taken out by a shit storm of awesomeness.


This is Zorro - the raddest pimp ever.Frankenhooker is the perfect combination of slapstick comedy and a classic monster story. Any fan of Stuart Gordon’s The Re-Animator and From Beyond will enjoy the slight similarities between these movies. Unearthed Films did a nice job cleaning this up digitally too; the colors and explosions look much better than when I originally saw this many years ago. Patty Mullen steals the show, though she may not have as many speaking parts as the rest of the cast, her physical movements are of genius and glow throughout the flick. I especially enjoyed the seedy drug dealing pimp named Zorro played by Joseph Gonzalez. Every time he says, “What the fuck!” you will bust out laughing! He also had a bit part in Henenlotter’s classic Brain Damage.

This is road head I would probably deny!I also enjoyed the obvious references to some old school classics. Such as Elizabeth’s last name being Shelley (Amazing Frankenstein author Mary Shelley) Jeffery’s last name being almost Frankenstein, and Jeffrey’s eye / brain whatever the hell it is, pays homage to The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Other notable parts to watch for are when the guinea pig explodes, the funny graffiti on the shitty bars bathroom stalls, the ridiculous patrons at the bar, and the hookers reaction when drugs come in the picture. The Unearthed release is un-cut and also has some killer special features. There is an interview with Mullen who is still adorable, a look back with Jennifer Delora who played the hooker with the shitty tittie tattoo, hilarious commentary with Henenlotter and make up Guru Gabe Bartolos, and special effects behind the scenes also hosted by Bartolos. With an awesome twist, witty dialogue, tons of boobs and the same formula as his past classics, you should get online and buy this immediately!

Get after it!

Shit, don’t just take my word for it, even Bill Murray was quoted, “If you see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker.” Well, that still stands seventeen years later.

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Sparks fly in this 80's love story, haha
Sparks fly in this 80's love story, haha

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