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More proof that horror is not just a boys club!
More proof that horror is not just a boys club!

Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Dead hookers are dirt cheap.

Mary Goff - Monday, November 8, 2010

Released: 2010
Director: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska
Starring: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska, Rikki Gagne, CJ Wallis, John Tench, David Barkes, Michael Schaldemose, John J. Gulayets, James Bell, Denton E. Winn, Eric Steel, Nick Baric, Hugo Steele, Ed Brando, Loyd Bateman, Dahlia Moth, and Tasha Moth—with a special gue
Website: Twisted Twins Productions
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Meet Geek and Badass. Theirs is a story about a set of twins who came from a broken, abusive home. A life altering event occurred which set the girls on different paths in life.

A little blood never killed anyone!As they grew, one chose a path of self-destruction and rebellion, the other a more wholesome one. One day, while on the way to pick up Geek sister’s friend Goody Two-Shoes from church youth group, the Badass and her junkie friend had decided to use this time to score some drugs.

But then everyone scores when a dead hooker is found in the trunk of Badass sister’s car! An entire misadventure of how to deal The sisterswith this dead body ensues. They meet God, a serial killer, a crazed pimp and more. Talk about a wild, bloody journey.

Dead hooker in a Trunk (or the pet name, DHIAT) is a feature film created by Jen and Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions. DHIAT is one part gritty action-drama parody, one part mild exploitation, and the whole thing watched like a comic book set to life. Delving into the psychology of the film (yeah yeah, blah blah—DEAD HOOKER!) there really is no deeper symbolism.



Electrical tape is a great fix for eye loss!


Shovels are great tools for head trauma!You have a problem aka a dead hooker, and now you have to figure out A. If you are responsible for the hooker’s death, and B. how do you take responsibility? Do you enlist help? Do you scapegoat? Do you just toss it out the door of a moving car and hope for the best? That’s how straight forward DHIAT is.

The Soska Sisters should have a crack at Hollywood money and audiences, more so than people like Rob Zombie or Michael Bay should get. While I feel they do Asians and chainsaws are trouble.need more development in building empathy with their audience (that’s just personal opinion), DHIAT was entertaining and well crafted.

You know you’re having fun when one of the characters gets bashed in the back of the head and her eyeball explodes out of its socket and lands in a bloody clump on the ground. Or you are in a dingy hotel room scrubbing body parts that you would never have imagined scrubbing (Palmolive douche, anyone?).

They avoided the roles that twins are normally set to play, but inadvertently (or perhaps purposely) they played upon the “good twin-bad twin” paradigm. Which I thought added to it, honestly. But really it is just two sisters who grew apart and developed in two different worlds due to their childhood trauma.


Hooker in the back, sun roof top, digging the scene with the gangster lean....


The cast!They didn’t go for cheap, they went for fun, and for an independent film this is a damn good production—with a fitting soundtrack. I am glad to have had the opportunity to see it, as the Soska Sisters’ enthusiasm shows. 

Dead Hooker in a Trunk is young, bloody, at times cute, at times sexy, and funny. It is aimed at your horror loving, drama loving, laugh along sensibilities. If you get a chance to see it, I suggest you take it. I believe the Soska Sisters want you to come away The ladies!from this film with a good feeling.

You have just taken care of a major problem, and now life can go on. And of course, what’s the best way to deal with your problems? Bury them in the woods and for fuck’s sake, and entertainment value, bring a friend.

Editors note: Be sure when you go to their site you click on projects. Then go to their short film called Tarantino's Basterds for an MTV contest a while back. It's super funny and done really well. I enjoyed it! - Danny


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