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At least they didn't tattoo their ponies!
At least they didn't tattoo their ponies!

Trash Talk - Plagues....Walking Disease

Talking trash about your momma!

Ryan Butler - Sunday, April 5, 2009

Released: 2008
Website: Trash Talk Myspace
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This is a great record. However, I definitely like the previous record better, this is almost like a different band, but awesome as well. There's a current surge of youth crew sxe kids being really into bands that are pretty much power violence. And the first Trash Talk record could have definitely been mistaken for a Slap A Ham release in the early 90's. Dirty production, ridiculously harsh vocals, slow fast slow fast evil sounding parts and sludgy distorted bass and drum breaks as well as horribly dirty production.

It reminded me quite a bit of No Comment and Crossed Out. This, however, has a clean Steve Albini live production and much more of that Youth Crew feel that kids eat up. It's kinda like the Cro-Mags meets Powerviolence meets Brotherhood.

The fast blast parts are still there, but there's much more dancy hardcore and upbeat riffs, more tough than angry vocals, and breakdowns, that will have kids in hoodies scrambling for the mic. This is a great record and if you have a chance to see them live,

I highly recommend it just to watch the crowd and the band go insane. Don't expect to hear the singer ever singing into the mic though!

 Here is some cool footage of Trash Talk Live at The Knitting Factory Feb 4th, 2009



The dead talk shit too.
The dead talk shit too.

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