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Deadly Halitosis Reaks of Death
Deadly Halitosis Reaks of Death

Death Breath - Stinking Up The Night

Breathing New Life Into Old School Death

Ryan Butler - Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Released: 2006
Website: Death Breath Official Site
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Dear God yes!!!!!! 80's Death Metal the way it's supposed to be!!! It sucks that the only records I love these days are total old school throw backs, but fuck this rules. Something's always been in the water in Sweden though.

He Needs a MentosNicke Anderson of Entombed/Hellacopters fame apparently was missing playing the brutal stuff and got together a few friends to create this sick bastard of a project.It's a total throwback to the likes of Autopsy, Repulsion, Nihilist, Possessed and the likes. Dirty, and primal with mostly nods to thrash metal and punk overall, just like the early days of the Death Metal sceneStinking Up Yor CD Player.

Tons of lyrics about death, dismemberment, mutilation, cannibalism, zombies, and even a song called Cthulu Fhtagn plus a shitty production makes it almost hard to believe this record was made after 91-92. This record definitely kicks mucho ass and any fan of death metal should eat this shit up like candy.It's weird that hearing this record in 2007 is refreshing, but that's how sterile the scene is becoming. I love hearing dude's get dirty again!



Extra vocals by Jorgen Sandstrom of Grave, Fred Estby of Dismember, and the mighty Scott Carlson of Repulsion. Apparently a European tour is in the works with Carlson filling in on bass duties as he has for a few shows for the quartet who is minus a bassist.

Makes me wish I lived in Europe.

Check out this kick ass video!!




Swedes & Metal, Like Peas & Carrots.... but more evil
Swedes & Metal, Like Peas & Carrots.... but more evil

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