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The Origin of Topeka Death
The Origin of Topeka Death

Origin - Antithesis

Destructively Coherent

Kirby Ryan - Thursday, July 9, 2009

Released: 2008
Website: Orgin on Myspace
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A decade into their career finds Topeka, KS technical death metal deities Origin finally dropping their fourth full length, “Antithesis.” Longtime fans already know what to expect but for the uninitiated, Origin are like a rabid beast coerced into doing ballet, Geiger Would Be Pleasedfeaturing inhuman displays of speed and finesse with unmatched brutality. Gale force riffs, hurricane drumming and volcanic vocals which combine into a musical cyclone that is actually coherent despite its destructive power.

Drummer John Lengstreth unleashes a galaxy of triggered gravity blasts while guitarists/founders Paul Ryan & Jeremy Turner practically shred the strings off but still makes sweeps silken & solos intoxicating. Seems like Origin have taken a page from the Cannibal Corpse production playbook and finally give the listener a chance to hear Mike Flores bass gymnastics, who Dudes In Black Razor Wirealong with Ryan & Turner provide backing vocals to lead James Lee who really needs no support as his guttural utterings are imposing enough, much like the front man himself.

Coming down like a sonic sledgehammer, we get classic Origin in tracks like “Finite,” “Algorithm” and “The Appalling” while the Nile-esque “Wrath of Vishnu” and melody saturated opener “The Aftermath” are evidence that this band is able to slow things down without losing an ounce of impact and may just find Origin gaining a bevy of new fans. However it is the album’s title track finale that really shocks, clocking in at nearly ten minutes, a vivid exercise in the limits of extreme music. Unlike some of their earlier material, it’s plain to see that Origin has proven that while they are undefeated in the boundaries of riffs/beats per minute with an off the charts rage quotient they are ready to take it to the next level by writing some of the most memorable songs of their career.  

Origin isn’t content with just raising the bar; they have to obliterate it- and what an enjoyable spectacle it is to behold.

Check out the video for “Finite” here:



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