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Heavier than John Goodman!
Heavier than John Goodman!

Hatebreed- For The Lions

Who doesn't like covers!

Danny Northside - Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Released: 2009
Website: Official Hatebreed Site
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I have heard a few people dog this cover album but since it's become cool for hardcore kids to dog on Hatebreed I really paid no attention. Hatebreed has considerably accomplished a lot for a hardcore band and the way they branched out enough that metal and hardcore fans dig them is a feat in it's own. Sure, going to see them live consists of tons of bro dogs, drunk metalheads, and Nazi skinheads (thinking the name really means some sort of racial prejudice) I love cover albums!starting fights with hardcore fans, and the show generally turns into a riot between all groups and it becomes a danger zone. Not their fault though, you can blame the fans for that.

When I heard they were releasing a cover album I was intrigued, but when I saw the list of tracks I was even more impressed. Most of the album would be tracks I would love to cover. Hatebreed does an amazing version of Slayer's Ghost of War, not to mention Crowbar's All I Had I Gave, Suicidal Maniac by Suicidal Tendencies, It's The Limit by The Cro-Mags, and Supertouch/Shitfit by Bad Brains to name a few.

I was really impressed with their versions of Escape by Metallica, I'm in Pain by Obituary, and Sick of it All's Shut Me Out.. I was actually blown away. I also dug Life is Pain by Merauder. The only covers I didn't like were Refuse/Resist from Sepultura (Even Pro-Pain gave that one an unsuccessful shot), and Set it Off by Madball. Maybe I have heard those songs so many times I just didn't feel them.

Other tracks covered were Thirsty and Miserable from Black Flag, Hatebreeders by The Misfits, D.R.I.'s Evil Minds, Sick of Talk by Negative Approach, Hear Me by Judge, and Boxed in by Sub Zero.

All in all their choices of songs to cover kicked ass and I would say it's the best cover album since Slayer's Undisputed Attitude. Go pick this up!

Here is the video for the cover of Black Flag's Thirsty and Miserable!






I like alligators, they like lions. It's cool.
I like alligators, they like lions. It's cool.

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