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Bringing back the thrash we grew up with!
Bringing back the thrash we grew up with!

Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying

The Art of Party Thrash

Ryan Butler - Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Released: 2007
Website: Municipal Waste Main Site
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"The Waste" comes out with an extremely solid release on this slab of retro thrash. Gone are the days of Excel, Beowulf, No Mercy, DRI, (good)Suicidal etc. etc., but these guys are trying to keep that dream alive. Seven or eightWaste No Time and Buy This Record months a year or so these dudes bust out their denim vests and attempt to bring thrash back to the masses. Every release I've heard byBass Humping Good Times them is always solid punk infused thrash with a large dose of humor (see previous tracks such as "The Thrashin of The Christ" or "Guilty of Being Tight"), and they don't let up on this one with rager's such as "Lunch Hall Food Brawl", "Beer Pressure", or "Thrashing Is My Business....And Business Is Good". No truer statement could be made as these Dave Witte backed 80's reveler's seem to get bigger and bigger with each passing year.

They've gone to Zeuss(Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Shadow's Fall etc.) for a production that's almost too good (isn't thrash supposed to have a little slop?), and Dave Witte's drumming make's me think he's probably bored rocking with these guy's. But everyone seems happy and in their place and this record rules. Plenty of Megadethy, Maideny, DRIy riffs etc. fill this bad boy with enough thrash to fill Madison Square Garden. So, if you wanna relive those days of Denim jackets with big Kreator back patches on them, tap a keg (root beer will do) and throw this fucker on!


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Pouring 40\'s for their dead homies!
Pouring 40\'s for their dead homies!

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