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The dogs of war are comin' for you!
The dogs of war are comin' for you!

Skarhead: Drug's Music & Sex

The Kings at Crime Return

Danny Northside - Thursday, April 22, 2010

Released: 2009
Website: I Scream Records
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I was a little skeptical when buying the latest Skarhead record. Not that Ezec has ever disappointed from Crown of Thornz through Skarhead, and with his Danny Diablo hip hop stuff, but this album replaces Puerto Rican Myke with CeeKay Jones.

Now, not to sound bias, but I think Puerto Rican Myke is a lyrical genius. I think he is extremely underrated and if he could land something new, he would conquer the world. He is the Puerto Rican Notorious BIG. I've seen Ceekay live on his own and though I was thoroughly impressed, I didn't think he could handle the "hype man" as well as Myke could.

Well, CeeKay ended up doing a good job! I've seen some live footage and he is off the wall live as well. As for the album, it's awesome. I know they wrote this album in record time but they totally pulled it off! Not to mention there is a ton of guests such as Civ from Gorilla Biscuits, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Freddy of Madball, Stigma from Agnostic Front, Armand from Sick of it All, and Merauder's Jorge Rosado. The album is pissed off and hard as fuck. In the vein of old Skarhead; it's completely politically incorrect and cool to see Ezec still just doesn't give a shit.

There are still the signature Skarhead dances parts, aggression, sing alongs, and instant anthems. It's hard to believe the Kings At Crime record came out in 1999, especially since this album could be called The Kings At Crime Part 2. Notable tracks Fuck The System, Evil Woman, and a song I really like called Duck Down.

If your tired of the state of hardcore today and wished bands were still releasing albums like they did when we were younger, Skarhead's Drug's Money and Sex is the ticket. Trust me!

Here's a video for a song called D.F.F. which is reminiscent of the classic "Snickers."






New record - get after it!
New record - get after it!

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