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Kids, this is how power metal is done.....
Kids, this is how power metal is done.....

Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy

The Termination Proclamation!

Ryan Butler - Saturday, August 14, 2010

Released: 2010
Website: Century Media
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Ah, Nevermore. Definitely my favorite power metal band of the last ten to fifteen years. They have many naysayer's, mostly due to their B tuning and a lot of people not being a fan of Warrel Dane's voice, but I love them. And Jeff Loomis, dear god, still one of my top five favorite guitarists of all time. The dude shreds, plain and simple, and cleaner than anyone I've ever heard. Live and on tape, he's a master.

This record picks up where This Godless Endeavor left off nearly five years ago. I loved that record, but I'd say this flows much better and is more aggressive upon first listen. The guitar and drum work is phenomenal as usual, and Warrel Dane is, well, Warrel Dane. Awesomely over dramatic and always in key. Peter Whichers from Soilwork did the recording on this and longtime engineer and recordist, Andy Sneap, did the mix.

While I'd say their work with Andy Sneap from beginning to end is heavier and better produced, this doesn't really lack in any way. If you love extremely heavy power metal, grab this puppy and get your head bang on.

Here is a video for a track off the new record called Emptiness Unobstructed! 




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The cover!

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